August 27, 2011
Dez by Urshuz | The Building Process

I picked up a pair of Urshuz earlier this week and wasted no time putting them together to get them on my feet. I love working my with my hands, so I was immediately drawn to the concept of this brand. They’re recyclable too. What’s not to love about customizable and recyclable sneakers?

You create your own combination by choosing an upper and matching it with one of the many soles they have available. Since the soles and uppers and interchangeable you can use the same upper with different soles and vice versa…like Lego shoes!

For those of you who aren’t fans of bright soles, neutral colors are available too. Relax.

Attaching the soles is pretty tricky, but once you figure out how it’s done, it’s easy. The soles come with a special tool to help with this process.

Success. You can pick up a pair of Urshuz at The Academy in Long Beach, Urban Outfitters’ online shop and a few select locations, including the Urban at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Check their site for more information and to see all the available combinations.